Life After Gastric Bypass – 5 Things You Need to Know About Living Post-Op

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23-stomachpain2According to recent statistics, 11% of the Singaporean population is considered obese – a 6% increase over a span of 6 years. Mostly, specialists attribute the increase to the greater convenience and sedentary lifestyle, which are caused by the advancements in tech that Singaporeans now enjoy. For extreme cases of obesity, doctors recommend that patients undergo gastric bypass surgery – a procedure that entails closing off a section of the stomach to limit food intake and reduce calorie consumption. While gastric bypass surgery in Singapore has been regarded as one of the safest and most effective procedures in the country, many wonder what happens after going under the knife. Find out what to expect post-op by reading this short guide.


  1. Diet is Crucial – While the reduced stomach size will limit the amount of food you can consume in a single sitting, what you put in your tank will still determine how successful the procedure will be. There are lots of people who underwent the surgery only to achieve minimal weight loss, or even weight gain, because they didn’t follow their post-op diet. Be sure to discuss with your doctor what you can and can’t eat, and follow those guidelines to the last detail.
  2. Sagging Skin is Inevitable – Successful gastric bypass surgeries often result to a fast weight loss. Because of the quick reduction in weight, patients should expect to see sagging skin. There are certain surgeries that can be performed in order to reduce the loose skin; however, clients need to fall within certain parameters to qualify.
  3. Constipation is Likely – Because of the change in anatomy, the body may struggle with certain functions, especially those that occur throughout the digestive track. Constipation is a common problem among patients post-op, so be sure to ask your doctor for possible solutions. Not all types of fiber are ideal, as some can cause clogging. Discuss options with your specialist before trying any remedies.
  4. Dumping Syndrome Can Occur – This usually happens when you eat high sugar foods, and is characterized by nausea, vomiting, and weakness. Avoid fruit juices, sodas, and other sugary food options, to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet.
  5. Exercise is Recommended – It’s important to supplement your weight loss with exercise in order to keep your muscles healthy and to maximize the performance of your organs. Take frequent walks and avoid a sedentary lifestyle to help increase weight loss and achieve optimal health.


Gastric bypass surgery isn’t a miracle surgery – it requires your effort in order to get the best results. Know what to expect after the procedure, to help make the most of the change, and bid obesity a well-deserved farewell.


Ready for Sexy – 5 Ways to Get Mentally Prepared for an Extreme Weight Loss Program


Obesity, a hefty problem across the globe, is also on a steady increase in Singapore. According to recent statistics collected by the National Health Survey, 11% of Singaporean adults aged 18-69 suffer from obesity. Typically, a weight loss program in Singapore that’s developed for obese or overweight individuals involves greater intensity exercises for maximum gains. If you’re going for an extreme weight loss program to help battle out obesity, be sure to mentally prepare yourself with these 5 methods.

  1. Visualize Results – One of the ways to really motivate yourself to achieve success would be to visualize results. Thinking of how you will look after all of your efforts should give you the boost needed to really set out and achieve your goals. However, aside from physical appearances, you should also consider thinking about the other benefits of weight loss. For instance, you can think of all the areas of your life affected by your weight, and visualize how a lighter physique can help make daily life easier for you.
  2. Develop a Mantra – A mantra is something like a short motto that you can repeat in order to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. An example of a weight loss mantra can be “health”, “wellness”, “happiness” or just anything that you associate with your goal. By repeating this word in your head, you can constantly remind yourself of your initial objective, so you can stay on track.weight-loss
  3. Manage Your Expectations – While it’s very possible to achieve weight loss, it’s equally important that you manage your expectations to protect yourself from getting disheartened. If you want to lose a large amount of weight, you should be sure to set a reasonable time frame for your journey, so you don’t end up feeling unsuccessful if you take longer to reach your goals.
  4. Accept the Challenge – Weight loss is tough, and it involves a lot of hard work. If you go into the process thinking you can simply glide through with ease, you might end up feeling overwhelmed when the challenges come rolling. Instead of thinking everything will be a piece of cake, accept that it will be difficult to prepare yourself for the coming struggle.
  5. Don’t Underestimate Yourself – One of the reasons why people end up quitting during a workout is because they underestimate their skills and abilities. Before you jump into an exercise routine, tell yourself that you’re better than you believe. By constantly pushing yourself instead of thinking that you can’t, you will reach greater limits and discover other talents and abilities that you would have never known about.


Are you ready to get sexy? Prepare not just your body – include your mind as well. Follow these 5 tips for prepping your head for extreme weight loss to maximize your results, and get the best of your effort.

A Guide For Those Who Want To Undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery In Singapore

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It’s no secret that Singapore is the leading destination for advanced medical care in Asia. So if you are looking for a reputable hospital or medical center where you can undergo gastric bypass surgery, Singapore is the place to go. There are numerous medical institutions in the city that are more than qualified to perform a safe and efficient operation.


Things to Remember Before You Go Under the Knife  

Processing the necessary papers for a gastric bypass surgery can take several weeks or months, so it’s paramount that you start consultations with your doctor as least two months before your target operation date. Usually, you will be provided with a schedule for pre-surgery tests and consultations. It’s also possible that the physician recommends a closely supervised diet program to prepare your stomach and intestines. You will only be given the go-signal if you’ve completed all of these steps.



Most Reputable Places for Surgery In Singapore  

1) Clinic For Digestive Surgery – The benefit of going to this center is that they specifically focus their treatments and surgeries relating to the digestive tract and abdominal activity.

2) Raffles Medical Group – One of the leading medical groups in Singapore, RMG has the equipment and experienced surgeons to give you what you want. Aside from bariatric surgery, they also offer the placement of laparoscopic gastric bands and laparoscopic sleeves.

3) Mount Elizabeth Hospital – This center is widely considered as the best in the country when it comes to multi-disciplinary surgery and care. This alone is reason enough to avail yourself of their health services.

4) G&L Surgical – This clinic is committed to the efficient treatment of obesity and other related problems through gastric surgeries. With top-of-the-line equipment and an experienced staff, this clinic performs its surgeries with efficiency and precision.

5) Advance Surgical Group – ASG is known for its focus on helping patients who are suffering from diabetes and obesity. Overseen by Dr. Peter Goh, the group offers a plethora of bariatric procedures such as gastric balloon, gastric band, sleeve resection, gastric surgery, and stapling.


These are some of the most reputable places to undergo gastric bypass surgery in Singapore. As we mentioned earlier, it’s recommended that you contact the medical center of your choice months before you plan on going through the operation. This is to make sure that you will be able to complete all your pre-op tests and consultations before the scheduled date arrives.

Wondering about Whitening – The Pros and Cons of Laser Skin Whitening


Light, bright, white skin will always be in style. That’s why lots of people go out of their way to find the best skin whitening products available in the market. But ask anyone who has tried slathering lotions and creams all over their body for months and you’re bound to hear the same old song – it just doesn’t give the best results. For that reason, those who really want to get their skin lightened and whitened turn to laser skin whitening. This treatment is widely available and highly recommended by the majority of those who avail of the procedure. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Know about laser skin whitening by reading this short guide.


The Advantages of Laser Skin Whitening 

1. Fast – There are two types of skin whitening procedures and both are known to produce immediate results. These are the ablative and non-ablative laser whitening procedures. The main difference is that the ablative vaporizes affected tissue, which allows more noticeable results with fewer sessions.

2.   Long-Lasting – Unlike results from lotions and other skin whitening treatments, the results produced out of laser skin whitening can last for years even with frequent exposure to the sun. If in case darkening occurs, you can simply revisit your trusted aesthetic clinic to touch up on your skin tone.

3.         Highly Effective – There are lotions that will only work up to a certain extent, if at all. But with laser skin whitening, you can expect noticeable change after the first session. What’s more, clients also report significant difference compared to their initial skin tone.

Sun Feifei Looking Back Pose Glossy Lips Photoshoot

The Disadvantages of Laser Skin Whitening 

1.           Cost – Of course, buying lotions and creams will always be easier on the pocket than going for a laser skin whitening treatment at an aesthetics clinic. But the results are incomparable, with lotions and creams causing little effect.

2.         Recovery Time – Certain skin whitening treatments, ablative to be specific, can leave the skin tender and sore. This is because of the changes that the laser causes on the anatomy of the skin. With that, doctors recommend clients to rest for a few days or weeks post-treatment to ease recovery.

3.            Multiple Sessions – It may be required for clients to visit their local aesthetic clinic for up to 7 sessions or more, depending on the extent of whitening desired. This means clients should pattern their schedule for at least a month in order to accommodate the treatment sessions. Missing a session isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, however stopping the treatment will also prevent further whitening from occurring.


Are you ready to take that step into beautiful, flawless, white skin? Weigh the pros and cons of laser skin whitening and find out if it’s the right choice for you. Find a reputable aesthetic clinic to get the job done and watch yourself become more beautiful than ever before.

The 4 Most Common Causes Of Melasma That You Should Be Aware Of

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Melasma is a skin condition that is characterized by discoloration and darkening of the upper layers of the skin. It usually appears as dark spots that slowly spread outward. The condition mostly affects women, especially those who are or who have been pregnant. Furthermore, people with darker skin are more susceptible to it, which is why it’s quite common among Asian, African, Indian, and Hispanic races. Below is a quick overview of the most common causes of melasma:exposure-to-light

  1. Direct and regular exposure to sunlight. It’s worth mentioning here that melasma forms when the cells in the epidermal layer of the skin, called melanocytes, are stimulated by estrogen and progesterone. When this happens, the skin produces excess melanin pigments which cause the discoloration. Exposure to sunlight will hasten the development of these pigments. In fact, just a small amount of sunlight can trigger the discoloration.


  1. Certain kinds of cosmetics. Although there’s no general consensus about it, many people, especially women, tend to easily get melasma when they use cosmetics. There are certain types of cosmetic products that can irritate the upper layer of the skin. This causes the skin to get damaged easily. When your skin is raw and sensitive, it’s much quicker for dark spots and discoloration to occur. With that in mind, it’s important that you take extra care in choosing which cosmetic products to use.


  1. A change of hormones in the body. Research shows that when hormone levels in the body drastically change, the person is more likely to develop some form of melasma. Birth control pills and other hormone replacement medicines can trigger melasma, because they directly intervene with the body’s hormone level.


  1. Genetic disposition. If your family has a history of melasma, then you have bigger chance to get the condition when being exposed to the triggers mentioned above. The genes that cause the discoloration can be passed by your parents to you.

If you’re constantly exposed to these triggers, you are more susceptible to melasma. The good news is that even if you have it, there are treatment options that you can choose from. These include hydroquinone, corticosteroids, tretinoin, topical medications, and dermatological procedures. To ensure that you are getting the best treatment for melasma, it’s advisable that you consult with a licensed dermatologist.

Top 6 Things Muay Thai Newbies Must Bring to Class

First timers at Muay Thai gyms often wonder why students and fighters have such big bags. This is because of all the safety gear and equipment needed during training. While gyms can provide the necessary equipment, serious students and fighters do invest in their own gear. This way, they can practice and spar from anywhere. If you’re planning to take up a Muay Thai class in Singapore, here are the top 6 things you’ll need to have in your gym bag:


  1. Boxing Gloves. Interestingly, Muay Thai fighters have at least two pairs of gloves. There’s the 16 oz pair which is used for sparring and drills and the 10 oz pair which is ideal for pad and bag training. For for the first couple of weeks, students can use the gloves at the gym just in case they decide that Muay Thai isn’t for them. However, serious ones buy their own gloves. It’s a personal thing because different gloves fit and feel differently so choose the pair that you feel most comfortable in.SHIN-GUARDS-DRAGON
  2. Shin Guards. Muay Thai involves boxing and kicking. The latter activity leaves the shin area vulnerable to injury. It’s good to wear shin guards during practice and sparring, but not in actual competitions. Like boxing gloves, shin guards also come in different sizes and thickness. You may have to try several pairs on before you find the one that’s right for you.HEADGEAR-2_z_blue
  3. Head Gear. Since Muay Thai is a contact sport, it is important to protect your head at all times. A head gear will keep you from suffering bumps or a concussion which could leave you confused or disoriented. You can also sustain internal head injuries if you’re not wearing the proper protective gear. There are different sizes available so try it on before buying.groin_guard_01_2
  4. Groin Protection. For men who engage in Muay Thai, this is a must. Not only is groin injury very painful but it can also damage your reproductive system. It’s always better to err on the side of caution.Phantom-Athletics-Mouthguard-Impact-Black-Zahnschutz-Muay-Thai
  5. Mouth Guard. Broken teeth are expensive to repair so better be ready with mouth guards. Incidentally, this is the most affordable Muay Thai or boxing gear you can have. Better buy more than one.409ab8bf94c6593f2c0df8e3ac9935de
  6. Hand Wraps. This is a must even for beginners. Hand wraps keep your fingers safe from injury while inside the boxing gloves. They are tied securely and expertly (it may take a while for you to figure the exact formula) so the hands don’t move as much inside the gloves. Buy several pairs and take them with you everywhere you go. They are washable and last for a long time.

There are more equipment and gear that you can get as you progress. Elbow and knee pads, athletic tape, and even muscle liniment will be needed along the way. Just take things slow and enjoy the workout. Muay Thai is an extremely satisfying activity.

6 Practical Strategies on How To Maintain an Impressive Body Figure

Contrary to what some people would like you to believe, there’s no shortcut to getting and staying in shape. The whole process is a combination of hard work and dedication. It’s hard work in the sense that you must challenge your body and even try to push it to its limits. And of course, you can only do this with sheer determination. You have to dedicate yourself to a set of routines and make sure that you stick to them for as long as you can muster. Start your journey towards that killer body with the following fitness strategies:

  1. Maintain a workout routine composed of intensive and mild exercises. Physical exercise remains as the most effective way to build muscles and burn fat. It’s best that you go through a combination of intensive and mild exercises. Intensive exercises include lifting weights, running, jogging, and practicing combat-based sports like Muay Thai. On the other hand, mild exercises include yoga, walking, and calisthenics.Maintaining workout routine and sweat can helps to detox your body
  2. Introduce more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. This really is a no-brainer. If you truly want to be healthy and fit, you must consume more fresh fruits and vegetables in meals and even during snacks.
  3. Detoxify your body on a regular schedule. Many health experts recommend that you go through a detoxification process two to four times a year. There are different methods on how to detox your body and these include detox dieting and colon cleansing.Glasses With Fresh Vegetable Juices Isolated On White
  4. Master the art of portioning your meals. Maintaining an impressive body shape also involves losing weight. A very effective way to get rid of those extra pounds is to portion your daily diet. You can do this by cooking lesser servings and by using food containers that are smaller than what you’ve been used to.
  5. Surround yourself with people who are also into fitness and wellness. Sometimes, you can’t do everything on your own. You are going to need motivation and support that can only come by being with other people. This is why it’s a good idea to join a gym because you’ll meet people there who are also passionate about losing weight, building lean muscles, and staying healthy.Surround yourself with people who are also into fitness and wellness to motivate in detox your body
  6. Keep records of your progress. In tracking your health progress, you get to know which routines you must do more and what routines need improvement. The best way to do this is to keep a written log or a diary of your progress.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the keys to building an impressive body shape is through dedication. That said, you must put into action the strategies discussed above by following a strict routine or calendar.  For instance, if you’ve decided to exercise every other day, then you should stick to the schedule because if you break the cycle, you lose your momentum.

Long and Loving It – 6 Ways to Maintain Long, Thick, and Healthy Hair

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FoodDietHair_m_0512.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartAnyone who wants to be able to create countless hair dos and styles will tell you that growing long hair is the only real option. However, while luxuriously long locks can be very beautiful, it’s a real challenge to maintain. Hair can dry out, get damaged, and look ratty and frizzy all too easy. Which is why if you want to grow it out, you should be ready to take care of it in the best way possible. Wondering what you can do to keep your hair healthy, vibrant, and long as can be? Find out (2)

  1. Use the Right Styling Tools – One of the reasons why you might want to grow out your hair is so that you can try out new styles every day. Visit any grocery store or beauty product retailer, and you’re bound to find a plethora of different styling tools that promise to bring out the best of your hair. Before you get all giddy and purchase everything you can get your hands on, consider how the tools will affect your hair in the long run. Avoid heat styling tools that reach unreasonable temperatures, skip out on stiff plastic bristle brushes, and choose products that incorporate features that care for hair health.Nourish_LandingPage_1
  2. Nourish From Within – It’s one thing to care for your hair from the outside, and another thing to make it strong from within. Be sure to take in the right vitamins for hair growth, not only to keep it lengthening at a steady pace, but also to provide your hair the necessary nutrients it requires to maintain a healthy shine and texture.keep-calm-and-go-organic
  3. Go Organic – Check the products in your bathroom – how many are actually good for your hair? Chemical-based products can do a lot of damage to your hair by soaking it in ingredients that sap life and compromise strength. Choose to go organic and read labels before you make any purchases. This will save you from exposing your hair to harmful toxins and chemicals.they-get-trims-regularly
  4. Get Trims Regularly – You might be thinking that growing out your hair means skipping out salon appointments until you feel the need for a major chop. But that’s not actually the case. Regularly trimming the tips will eliminate compromised and split ends, thus stopping damage before it moves up the length of the shaft.hqdefault
  5. Try a DIY Hair Treatment – The internet is littered with DIY how-to’s from hair pros that promise to maximize hair health with nothing more than the ingredients in your kitchen. A popular favorite is the egg hair mask, which simply entails slathering some beaten eggs into your moist hair, and keeping it there for 15 minutes to help strengthen and rejuvenate worn out hair cells.Screen-Shot-2013-12-28-at-4.14.59-PM
  6. Avoid Salon Treatments – Lots of the treatments you get at salons expose your hair to a wide range of chemicals that can dry it out and make it weak. As much as possible, avoid salon treatments, like permanent texture changes and coloring; to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Grow your hair long without having to worry about it looking like a ratty mess. Follow these 6 tips to care for it, and maintain your long hair for vibrant, beautiful, and healthy locks no matter the length.

What to Expect During a Comprehensive Eye Exam

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Our eyes may seem healthy to us, but there is really no other way of being sure about this other than undergoing a comprehensive eye exam. Eye exams are relatively simple and quick, just lasting for about 60 to 90 minutes. If you are thinking of having a comprehensive eye exam, here are some of the exams that will be performed to assess your overall eye health.


  • Medical history    medical history can knows whether you have potential to suffer presbyopiaThe first thing that your eye doctor will ask is your medical history. This involves any other condition that you have, which may be linked to vision problems. The doctor will also ask if you have suffered from other vision problems before, if you have used contacts or corrective glasses, or if any of your family members have vision problems. It is important to answer honestly so that the doctor can accurately determine if you are likely to suffer any eye problems.


  • Visual acuity     The visual acuity test measures the sharpness of your vision. This uses a Snellen eye chart, and would require you to sit across the chart at a distance and to read the letters.


  • Cover testLets have a cover test for eye to check if you have presbyopiaThis test is usually done to determine of your eyes are working together properly. This is a simple test wherein the doctor would cover one eye and examine the movement on the uncovered one. It is repeated until both eyes are examined. The cover test could detect binocular vision problems that cause lazy eye.


  • Stereopsis test or Depth Perception test      Stereopsis test or Depth Perception test can examine whether you had suffer presbyopiaThis test is done to determine of your eyes are properly working together to provide you with normal depth perception. In this test, you would be asked to wear a specialized pair of glasses. Then, you will be asked to look at 3D images, and identify which among the shapes appear nearest to you. If you answer this test correctly, it means that you have normal depth perception.


  • Slit Lamp exam The slit lamp is a ‘biomicroscope’ that optometrists use to look at the microscopic structures of your eye. Technically, it is a binocular microscope that is aimed at the patient’s eyes. During this exam, the external structures of your eyes are examined, such as the eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva, iris, and lens.


It is recommended to have an annual comprehensive eye exam to minimize the risk of unforeseen vision problems. You don’t have to wait until you have an eye condition before you visit your nearest eye centre and have your eyes examined for eye conditions such as presbyopia and myopia.

Choosing a Legitimate Medical Aesthetics Clinic – 3 Essential Questions to Ask

Unsightly moles, dark spots, scars, blemishes, and hair in all the wrong places – can skin problems get any worse? If you’re one of the many people who have to deal with skin impurities and issues, it’s possible that you’ve tried every product you can find.

Fortunately, medical aesthetics clinics now often line the streets that offer to get rid of those stubborn skin issues once and for all at a reasonable price. But because there can be more than a handful of these clinics in and around your area, choosing the right and the safest one might be a bit of a problem. Wondering which one to walk in to? These pro tips should help you.


  1. Do you provide medical indemnity insurance? – Ever heard of those cosmetic procedures gone wrong? These medical aesthetic treatment nightmares can make you regret your decision altogether. Although warnings against fraudulent and unscrupulous service providers should help you steer clear of illegitimate clinics, there are some instances when even licensed professionals might make a mistake. Finding a clinic that offers medical indemnity insurance should protect you against the repercussions of an error in the procedure.jules-esther-skincare-package-design-3
  2. Do you offer skincare packages? – Skincare packages won’t only help you save a pretty penny on the services you avail, they’ll also tell you if the clinic you’ve chosen is the real deal. That’s because professionals at a legitimate medical aesthetics clinic will try to maximize the results for their clients. That can be done by offering bundled procedures that work together to bring about the best outcomes. Fraudulent clinics, on the other hand, don’t really care for results and simply want to make a profit, which is why they will rarely ever compound prices to avoid pushing clients away with expensive
  3. Can I get a free consultation? – Looking at medical degrees, training certificates, and accreditation documents up on a clinic’s wall shouldn’t be enough for you to set your guard down. If you’re visiting a medical aesthetics clinic in Singapore, be sure to ask if you can get a free consultation with the specialist for your procedure. This will give you a better idea of what kind of professional they are and whether they’re truly knowledgeable about the services they provide.

There are better ways to manage those stubborn skin issues aside from blotting them out with makeup. Boost your confidence and improve your appearance by getting rid of your skin pet peeves through the help of a legitimate medical aesthetics clinic.